Art has a meaning to it which broadens our understanding and makes us aware of things about ourselves we had no conception of existing. Art deals with matters of the self and human existence which sciences consciously avoid, and architecture, as a whole, as well.

There are certain performance arts…

Exploring the inner workings of the self

Now, when I’m an adult, I have much different dreams than five years ago. I dream of acquaintances that tell me, “I need your body”, or “come and love me,” and instead of ravishing them, I turn away and sit with myself; or I bring them to the group and…

my friend has a ranking of 1536 in chess after only 3 months of playing.

Every day, I meet people who gave up on their dreams to win or create in order to go with the flow of life—bankers, accountants, former athletes or musicians who couldn’t find a way to make their passions pay. In my career, I remind people every day that their passions…

Take notes; you’re going to need them.

Recently, a few of my friends and I were studying for the GRE together—a totally acceptable use of the weekend in your late 20’s—and while reviewing our practice questions over coffee, we had a voila! moment:

We realized that there were a few pernicious tricks that appeared over and over…

Ethan Wu

backyard philosopher // practicing thought

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